The Sunday Times Rich List 2016; how was the money made?

The Sunday Times Rich List 2016; how was the money made?

By Luc Hill 25th May 2016

The rich list, an annual feature from The Times that reports on amounts of money which one can barely comprehend, but how did all these multimillionaires and billionaires make their money?

The short answer to that question is property and of the serious property investors - 100 of the 1,000 strong list saw their wealth increase, compared to 19 whose wealth dropped during the course of the year. 

Topping the list with an astounding net worth of £13.1bn were property tycoons David and Simon Reuben, who amongst owning airports and hotels, own the Marble Arch Primark building - which was bought for £160 million pounds.  But which household name was the highest on the list?  Lord Sugar was 95th on this year's report - with a £1.15bn net worth, a big jump from humble beginnings. 

Whatever your feelings are about these multi-million and billionaires, the report just shows that despite some uncertainty in the property market things will level out again in due course.  These individuals did not make their fortunes overnight and would have had to weather the storm as the property market has gone through peaks and troughs in the past. 

Property investors were among the strongest performers in The Sunday Times Rich List 2016, as their wealth outperformed the index.

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