The power of networking

The power of networking

The room was filled with local businesses all geared up for a day of networking.  There was a tremendous feeling of excitement in the room as this was one event that has been organised well and the turnout was unprecedented. 

During the 2016 Acton Business Expo local Mortgage Experts, Paul Alexander Mortgage Consultants were approached by a Member of Parliament (MP) who had trouble finding the right product indicating that they felt their broker was not helping them enough.

Managing Director, Shoaib Arshad was quick to assist the MP with more information, the conversation was fluent and informative and has indirectly ended up assisting the MP.

Arshad comments:
“The event was a great success and to have an MP as a client was unexpected but it shows you that if you set out to help people good things come from it.”

The W3 postcode is increasingly gaining popularity due to various factors. 

Paul Alexander Mortgage Consultants assist clients in West London but also look after clients in Central London and throughout the rest of the UK. 

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