The London Dream: why do so many of us make London a home?

The London Dream: why do so many of us make London a home?

By Luc Hill 15th April 2016

It would be fair to say that the press are constantly pushing a sense of foreboding upon us about London's future: its constantly growing population and lack of affordable housing being a few of the key issues. To top it off, though prospective purchasers will soon need to be earning £106,000 a year to afford their own property - an amount that many could only dream of. 

But why do we all aspire to live in London and own a piece of 'The London Dream'?

  • It's a Polyglot of a city - Over 200 languages are spoken in London and our capital city has now become known as 'Paris-on-Thames', with the sixth largest population of French outside of France. To put this into perspective that is a population bigger than Bordeaux! If that doesn't say diversity...  
  • The world's first underground railway - at over 100 years old our tube system was the first of its kind in the world. The tube has a character and charm unlike no other and a long fascinating history, including its own, now defunct 'Mail Rail' which at one point the Royal Mail used to transport parcels between Paddington and Whitechapel - just one of the many secrets that our underground network holds!
  • An extensive literary history - Over the years authors, poets and writers alike have graced the city, including Karl Marx who wrote the infinitely influential 'communist manifesto' in Soho's Great Windmill street, in a building which is now trendy chain 'Be at one' (the irony). Marx can now be found enshrined within the fascinating Highgate cemetery along with other famous literary icons like George Eliot.  

People live in London because people live in London and rising house prices are an inevitability. To live in the world's greatest city you have to pay the price! 

If you are in position to get on the property ladder, it would be advisable to get in touch with your broker now to secure yourself a property in an increasingly 'safe' investment. 

First time buyers in London will need a salary of £106,000 and a deposit of £138,000 to get a property in 2020, according to figures from homelessness charity, Shelter.

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