St Stephen’s Primary School’s Film Club

St Stephen’s Primary School’s Film Club

Paul Alexander Mortgage Consultants were delighted to sponsor St Stephen’s Primary School’s Film Club evening on Thursday 8th May. The fantastic event – which was held to bring the parents of the local community together - was hosted by the parent-teacher association of St Stephen’s who had chosen to screen the award-winning film, Philomena starring Judi Dench and Steve Coogan in the school hall.

Chair of the PTA at St Stephen’s Primary School, Evelin Longo, says: “It was such a great success and a purely cultural event. Paul Alexander made it possible with their sponsorship and helped us create a warm and wonderful atmosphere for our parents. Their support makes such a difference to our school and this kind of community gathering would not be happening without them.”

David Diggins, Managing Director says: “The event was a true success and it is wonderful to know the local community was brought together. We look forward to sponsoring more events in the future and would like to thank everyone at St Stephen’s for their continued support and allowing us to be a part of their wonderful event.”

The award-winning film tells the story of a political journalist who helps a lady, Philomena Lee’s on her 50-year search for her son who was taken away from her when she was forced to live and work in a convent. Philomena has received 23 wins and 36 nominations for its excellence.

For more information on upcoming sponsored events with Paul Alexander Mortgage Consultants, contact or call 020 8997 3915 to speak to the team. Alternatively, to stay up to date via social media, follow Paul Alexander on Twitter: @PaulAlexanderUK.

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