Plain Sailing in West London

Plain Sailing in West London

By Rudolph Diesel 12th July 2016

When you say property the first things that comes to mind are bricks and mortar but there is an alternative out there that is not always on a  home buyers radar.  

Whilst enjoying the an alfresco brunch by Brentford Locks it dawns on you how popular House boats are in West London.  

For first time buyers this could be the answer but you need to have a healthy deposit saved up as banks will not lend to you if you are a first time house boat buyer but alternative Marine Finance options are available to the market. 

Why would one consider buying a house boat?

1. You can own a house boat within a desirable postcode which is cheaper than buying an actual house.  According to Zoopla you are able to buy a two bed, 541sq. ft. house boat moored in Chelsea for a cool £198,000. 

2. You can change neighbours whenever you wish.

3. You are able to live in the city during the week and on the weekend you can be out in the countryside.

What kind of buyer are you - Bricks and Mortar or are you going to opt for life on the river

Fret not, either way you would be able to secure a mortgage with London based mortgage consultants - Paul Alexander Mortgage Consultants

Almost 33,000 people operate a houseboat on Britain’s waterways, up 9pc on last year, a number that has been creeping upwards over the past decade, according to boat licence data collected by the Canal River Trust.

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