Funding a business project; the difference between thinking and doing

Funding a business project; the difference between thinking and doing

By Rudolph Diesel 24th May 2016

It is encouraging to see that commercial lending is on the up but one does not have to have a million pound project to fit the criteria of commercial lending. 

Property Developers across London have seen their projects come into action and the banks have been more than happy to help those with a plan. 

Recently we have seen a positive increase in commercial lending enquiries and have met with a number of developers and entrepreneurs who are keen to get their projects funded.  

"Now is the time to put into play what you have planned for so long, whether you are a property developer or someone looking for funding to buy a restaurant or coffee shop" says Shoaib Arshad, Managing Director at Paul Alexander Mortgage Consultants. 

A recent local success story in London was 'The Willcott Collection' the results of which truly speak for themselves. Centurion London, the developers who brought the project to fruition, are already working on their next development and plan to use commercial mortgages to fund other similar projects in West London. 

Some £54bn of new real estate debt was issued in 2015, 19 per cent more than in the previous year, and 80 per cent higher than the £29.9bn of debt issued in 2013, according to research by De Montfort University.

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