A new look for a new year

A new look for a new year

Paul Alexander Mortgage Consultants re-launched the look and feel of the previously known Instant Mortgage Solutions in the latter part of 2013.  The mortgage consultancy operates throughout West London and has already helped clients achieve their goals and dreams.

“It is refreshing to see the new look and feel of Paul Alexander Mortgage Consultants.  The feedback has been wonderful since the launch on 7 September 2013.  The team and I are excited to see what 2014 has to offer and whilst working alongside Orchards of London exclusively we look forward building on our reputation of excellence” says Managing Director David Diggins.

“We have come a far way since I started with Paul Alexander Mortgage Consultants.  We have said good bye to the old brand name and feel that the new name and the new look is more in keeping with who we are and where we are.  The new year has already started off with some fantastic enquiries, we look forward helping clients throughout the rest of the year” says Mortgage Consultant Shoaib Arshad.

Instant Mortgage Solutions was first formed in January 2007 by Paul Connolly and four years later in 2011 David Alexander Diggins was appointed as Mortgage Consultant.  In 2013 David was appointed as the Managing Director after Instant Mortgage Solutions was re-launched in September 2013 as Paul Alexander Mortgage Consultants.

For more information on Paul Alexander Mortgage Consultants follow us on Twitter @PaulAlexanderUK or visit us on Facebook.

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