A Delightful Treat ...

A Delightful Treat ...

Paul Alexander Mortgage Consultants were delighted to sponsor The Father’s Day and Significant Lads’ Breakfast held in St Stephen’s Primary School, Shepherd’s Bush on Wednesday 4th June 2014. It was a wonderful event that brought together significant male figures of the friends of St Stephen’s Primary School. The event was a success; cookies and a selection of other wonderful treats were available for all who attended.

Evelin Longgo, PTA at St Stephen’s Primary School says:
“It was a beautiful start to the day with many proud children; it was a real breakfast galore. The children prepared such a lovely treat for us all and it was a perfect way to start the day and show our appreciation to the dad’s and significant lads!”

David Diggins, Managing Director of Paul Alexander Mortgage Consultants said:
“It was a pleasure to sponsor the event; we hope that everyone who attended had a fantastic time and enjoyed the delicious sweet treats the children prepared. We’d like to thank St Stephen’s Primary School for having us and we look forward to future sponsored events.”

For more information on Paul Alexander Mortgage Consultants and future sponsored events, visit www.paulalexander.org.uk or email enquiries on enquiries@paulalexander.org.uk.

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