10 Year Fix rate Deals on the up!

10 Year Fix rate Deals on the up!

By Shoaib Arshad 26 Jan 2016

The cheapest fixed rate deals are currently 2 years but there is only one way rates are able to move, and this is up so it is a good idea to look at longer fixed rates to protect yourself. 

Lenders are now starting to introduce these longer rates which is even more important if you see yourself living in the property for a long period. Even if you move houses most mortgages are portable so they can be moved to a new property, subject to meeting certain conditions. 

It is certainly worthwhile comparing long term fixed rates of 10 years to 2-5 year fixed rates if you wish to eliminate the risk of rates going up over the next few years.

Newcastle has launched buy-to-let products and a 10-year residential mortgage deal.

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